Cider Tasting


Cider Tasting with Virginia's Foggy Ridge

September 30, 2016  -  5:00pm - 7:00pm  - Tasting Fee, $10

First Fruit - Tart apple aroma with tropical fruit and lemon curd notes.  This fruit forward cider dominates the palate with crisp apple and pear flavors, lingering strawberry notes and a clean apple finish.  Stayman Winesap - This off dry blend has an intense ripe apple nose with a touch of caramel and ripe cherry. The palate is fruit forward with apple, pear, blueberry and strawberry flavors, seamlessly juxtaposed with complex fine grained tannin and balanced acidity.  The lingering finish has mouth coating apple and berry flavors.  Handmade Cider - This cider is characterized by apple and soft tropical fruit aromas.  The round mouthfeel is underpinned by apple, peach and pineapple flavors.  The finish is smooth yet crisp.  Pippin Gold Dessert Cider - Pippin Gold is an apple port, made from a blend of hard cider and apple brandy. Fermented Newtown Pippin apples combine with unoaked apple brandy from a Virginia brandy maker to produce this exquisite dessert cider.  Mixologists prepare uncommonly good cocktails with Pippin Gold.

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