Jack's Shop Farm: Winter

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Winter on the farm, with its short days and cold, cozy nights, isn't necessarily the time of rest and relaxation.  We did enjoy a few more leisurely nights by the fire, but winter for us is also a time to play catch up on things like servicing and cleaning our equipment, stocking up on supplies, and planning out the next season.  And of course, the animals still need the same attention, if not more, in the winter months.  Our beef cattle come off of pasture, close to the barn for shelter and hay.  Although, it is an all too common sight to see them blunt-faced into a snowstorm with the warmth of the barn steps away.  The sheep will need attention in late winter as they approach their lambing season; certainly the "cutest" time of year, and the hogs want to eat and root no matter what time of year.

With plenty of things to do to help pass the rigors of winter, we still get antsy this time of year.  Especially when nature throws us a snowstorm on the second day of spring.  Enjoy these pictures of our fond farewell to winter 2018.


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